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Would you love to gift a smile to that talented craftsman of rural India?

 ‘God is zero’ was the name of a video clipping which was just about a minute and a half long. But the impact lasted for quite a while. This clipping reminded me of a beautiful egg shaped souvenir that I cherish even today. The craftsmanship was exquisite with flecks of gold in it which shone even by the dim lamp at night. I looked at that cute shaped bottle filled with translucent – oh so lovely – pebbles that we bought from a tiny shack by the beach of Goa. And those umpteen bells of all sizes and shapes that adorn our doorstep.

Souvenirs were lovely trinkets that refreshed us with the sweet memories of the happy times we had in our lives. I loved buying them. I always felt I was buying myself a slice of happiness when I bought all those handicrafts made by the local tribal folks of the places we visited. I loved talking with the craftsmen. Some of these friendly tribal folks even allowed us to experiment with their handiwork.

Perhaps God is indeed a big entity like zero.

Without any beginning or end.  

Zero indeed has no value of its own but still adds a lot of value to other numbers.

We at also believe in the same value system. We interact with several tribal craftsmen who excel at their skill and their handiwork. Their sense of design and aesthetics, their innate creativity, their patience, their talent and their faith in God and their belief in their handiwork is laudable.

They weave their passion, their traditions, their culture, their time, their energy, their love and their ethics into their handicrafts. The products that they craft are sourced from the raw material that is abundantly available in the vicinity and they are completely organic and eco-friendly.

Most of these hand crafted treasures are bought by tourists and visitors who throng specialized stores.

But this is barely enough because it rarely gives these craftsmen a steady stable source of income. explored and tapped into this gap. With a little research, realized that the handiwork of these tribal people had a demand all over the world. is doing its bit by giving such people a platform to display their craftsmanship on its ecommerce portal.

But also has other motives that are worth exploring. believes that a slight change in the perspective of urbanites will bring about a major transformation in the lives of these skilled tribal artisans.

Whether it is a piece of exquisite pottery or that tiny fragile marble idol of Krishna, whether it is that necklace made of sea shells or that lantern made out of applique work, whether it is that Sambalpuri saree or that tussar silk stole, whether it is that lovely tiny cute cane basket or that trendy bag with the elephant motif, whether it is that crocheted lace or that hand embroidered saree…..we at genuinely feel that…….when you buy something so beautiful, something so dainty, something so elegant and exquisite, something so unique and stunning…… are not simply buying a meaningless trinket.

We at truly feel that when you buy such handcrafted beauties, you are buying a piece of history, a piece of geography, a slice of creativity, a dollop of passion, a ton of faith, years of expertise, eons of culture and traditions.

Think awhile about this dear urbanites reading this article.

We give a lot of thought about the gifts that we give one another for our birthdays, anniversaries, for festive occasions and to our colleagues and employees.

A lot of organizations adhere to the norm of gifting something worthwhile to all their esteemed and valued customers during festive occasions.

A lot of thought and several discussions take place before the ideal gift is decided upon.

We at want to bring about a shift in the perspective of all such people.

We put so much thought and care about the person who is receiving the gift.

We will search high and low, in brick and mortar stores and even in the virtual world. We will keep in mind the likes and the dislikes of the recipient. We want them to appreciate our gift and the time and the energy we spent in finding something that they will love and use.

But do we ever spare a thought about the person who crafted that product?

Aha…..maybe we did not even consider a hand crafted item as a proper gift idea.

That is the gap that we at want to bridge.

Somehow, somewhere down the line, we urbanites have got used to a certain speed of life.

Just buy something useful, never mind the budget and tick the task off the big long to do list or the fourth point of the agenda in the meeting held by the board of directors of a multinational organization.

We at honestly and humbly feel that at the core of that big designation and under that label of CEO that we all wear with such dignity……..throbs a heart that is just as human as that tribal craftsman your age in that distant village.

Pause awhile dear humane director and CEO……….that is all we ask of you.

Perhaps zooming in on a practical gift is just a number on your agenda……..but if you zoom the lens of your heart towards those distant idyllic tribal villages that make up the better part of rural India………you will be delighted with the brilliance of their creativity.

That is the bridge that wants to build.

Their hand crafted gems are sure to make you redefine your concept of gifting something worthwhile.

On their own, like that big beautiful zero, they have no value of their own.

On their own, their skills have no beginning and no end ……….truly because their talent was passed on them through their ancestors and they continue to pass it down to their children.

On their own they are a big beautiful zero because unless they are buyers for their products, they cannot survive on their skill and their talent alone.

Yes, we at can project, portray and display their craftsmanship on our portal.

We can do our utmost to show you their side of their story.

We can do our utmost to bring about a change and a big shift in your perspective.

But adding a value to that big beautiful zero is totally up to you.

Yes, we at will continue to knock all kinds of doors so that these skilled craftsmen get their share of recognition and limelight that is long overdue.

That day is not too far away when the virtual world and ecommerce portals like will bring about a quiet big revolution in their lives. knows – simply knows – that the God residing within that big beautiful zero will bring about a change of heart and soul in the urbanites and set the big beautiful ball of zeroes rolling towards these craftsmen because their skills and their talent are invaluable.


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