Why Book Your Zanzibar Airport Transfer With Zanzibarcars Rentals ?


Tourism is the most important attraction of Zanzibar. Zanzibar is famous for it’s tourist places. Visitors prefers to visit Zanzibar in their holiday vacation time. Here the visitors can make their tour memorable for long time by visiting some more beautiful places like Stone Town, Prison Island, Jozan forest and Mnemba Island. Here in Zanzibar the visitors can book or rent their car and they can visit the tourist places in Zanzibar, But the main point is how to get the best Zanzibar Taxi company to get Zanzibar airport Transfer service at best price or affordable price.

“Zanzibarcars Rentals” – A Zanzibar Airport Transfer Company

Zanzibarcars Rentals a Zanzibar cheap Transfer company located in Kwa Mchina Mwanzo,Zanzibar offers Group Transfer service in Zanzibar or Zanzibar airport Transfer service at very cheap price which is suitable for your budget. Zanzibarcars Rentals provides Zanzibar airport Transfer service to different location of Zanzibar like Transfer Zanzibar airport to Nungwi, Transfer Zanzibar airport to Jambiani, Transfer Zanzibar airport to Paje etc.

Why Book Your Zanzibar Airport Transfer With Zanzibarcars Rentals ?

  • Save time and money
  • Arrive to your destination faster
  • Have a pleasant and comfortable journey

Zanzibarcars Rentals is the international and well recognized tour operator or car rental company or brand in Zanzibar, serving the needs to its all range of customers. Customer‘s satisfaction is the main goal of Zanzibarcars Rentals. 

Zanzibarcars Rentals takes you anywhere, every corner in Zanzibar island. All vehicles are subjected to stronger quality, small bottle and baby seats for small children may be provided (if needed). The vehicles are air conditioned and are of high cleanness



(1-4 people) ideal for couples and small families offering enough space to explore the island.


(5-7 people)Comfortable mini bus for larger family and small childrens providing a great view while travelling.


(10-20 seats bus) Provide luxurious view on the island on a simple tour or a big family tour.

Zanzibarcars Rentals offers an affordable rate compare to other car rental company. So don’t waste your time and book your transfer rental service at Zanzibarcars Rentals.

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