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Traveling Through Albania

The tourist destination in Albania began to develop not so long ago, which is why the country is remarkable. It is the originality of Albania, its culture, as well as the beautiful landscapes of the Adriatic coast that attract tourists here. The main attraction of Albania can be called the mountains, between which there are picturesque lakes. Also on the territory of the country are preserved monuments of ancient architecture left after the ancient Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans.

Albania airport

If you arrive in Albania by plane, you get to the airport named after Mother Teresa. It is located near the capital of Albania, the large city of Tirana. Flights to many major cities depart from here. Regular flights have been established all over Europe. The airport has excellent infrastructure. While waiting for boarding, you can go shopping, have a snack in a cafe or restaurant, go online for free. There are spaces designated for smoking.

The easiest way to get from the airport to Tirana is by taxi. Travel time is about half an hour. If you do not want to overpay, contact the official carriers – they are easy to recognize by the yellow color of the car and the name of the taxi company written on it. The bus ride is even more economical. A regular bus on the route Airport – Tirana runs every hour, but only in the daytime – from nine in the morning until six in the evening. A bus arrives at the National Museum.

Transport in Albania

Public transport in the country is represented by several types:

  • Bus;
  • Railroad connections;
  • Sea transport (ferries);
  • Taxi.

Bus services in Albania are excellent, but the problem is that the flight schedule cannot be found – it simply does not exist. There are also no bus stations from where intercity trips would be made. Buses and fixed-route taxis run both in the city and between cities, but catching them is not always easy. The fare is paid directly to the driver, and the schedule and stops of minibusses and regular buses will have to be clarified via the Internet or from local residents.

Railroad in Albania is not the best way to travel. Trains run extremely slowly, so you will only waste time moving between cities. In addition, the trains are in a terrible state: the cars are old, the toilets are closed. Trains run rarely and not to all cities.

There are ports in coastal cities. For example, from Durres, you can take a ferry to Italy.

It is better to take a taxi from the hotel or order by phone. Discuss the price of the trip with the driver in advance, otherwise, you risk to wildly overpay.

However, the most convenient way to travel around the country when traveling alone is a rented car. If you can drive, then this will be the best option, as you will be able to admire the beautiful views, see all the sights and will not waste time on trains and buses.

Places of interest

Albania is a multifaceted country. In different cities, you will find completely different entertainment and attractions. This is why there are at least a few cities to visit in Albania.

  • Tirana. Arriving in the capital of Albania, do not leave it immediately. Of course, Tirana is an industrial city, there are no gorgeous Albanian landscapes, but there are still places to see. Firstly, it is worth visiting the main square located in the city center – Skanderbeg Square. In the immediate vicinity, there is a real oriental bazaar.

The tallest building in Tirana is the International Hotel, decorated with mosaic frescoes. Next to it is the National Historical Museum, nearby is the Palace of Culture with a theater, restaurant, and library. Opposite it stands the famous Tirana Clock Tower, which has been preserved since the Middle Ages.

  • Durres. Here, one of the main places of interest is the port with its colorful attributes: huge ships, loading and unloading equipment, and a ferry crossing. It will be interesting to look at the most real antique amphitheater, which is adjacent to modern high-rise buildings. Also worth a visit is the Mosaic House, real bunkers, a panoramic restaurant in the southern part of the city.
  • Pogradec. In these places, the most beautiful bridge Goliku has been preserved, which was part of the ancient Roman road. It is also from Pogradec that you can get to the Dridlona National Park with its landscapes and restaurants for tourists.
  • Berat. It is located three hours from Tirana. Here you can see the local castle, which is considered the last surviving Albanian fortress.

What to bring from Albania?

A trip to Albania will be truly unforgettable if you do not forget to take home a couple of nice little things with you. When buying souvenirs, you can bargain, because Albanians call tourists somewhat inflated prices. Souvenirs are sold in shops or markets. Most often, national gizmos are brought from Albania: musical instruments, wooden pipes, embroidery, or copper souvenirs. Among the “edible” purchases, such a souvenir from Albania as the local alcoholic drink rakija, which looks like vodka, is the most popular.

A tour of Albania is a unique experience at any time of the year!

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