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Top 5 On Demand Liquor Delivery Apps in India (10K+ Downloads)

The Unlock 4.0 guidelines have been rolled out in India, but the count of Coronavirus cases continues to rise dramatically as the economy opens up. This means it’s still recommended for you to stay at your place, if not required.

But, what about your booze needs? Well, the booze-hungry queues aren’t an option now.

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(Sighs) No, not an option!

To fill your needs of beer, wine, or liquor, using an alcohol delivery service app is ideal!

With an on-demand alcohol mobile app, you can directly order your favorite beverages & drinks for doorstep delivery within 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Wondering what the popular alcohol delivery apps are since India didn’t have any “visible ads” for on-demand alcohol delivery services, right?

That’s why we have listed the top 5 ones currently being the favorites of Indian masses with 10K+ downloads (both Android and iOS) and 3.5-star ratings!

  1. Swiggy

(Picture: Swiggy App Snapshot)

Swiggy is one of the first apps to begin alcohol delivery services in different states of India. The app asks for “one-time verification” for ascertaining the legal drinking age (21+ years) as mandated by the Government. Therefore, you have to upload a Govt. ID (Aadhaar Card, Pan Card, Voter ID, or Passport) along with a selfie (to assure it’s YOU) for verification. You will receive an OTP for confirmation (for added safety).

How it works: Browse “Wine Shops” to find the nearby alcohol delivery shops for Beer, Vodka, Tequila, or any other favorite booze drinks. You can order of specified quantities and make online payments swiftly via Internet Banking, Cards, PayTM, FreeCharge, Mobikwik Wallets, Sodexo Meal Cards, UPIs, LazyPay, and Cash on Delivery. The delivery guy will visit you within a short period and ask for the Govt. ID (show the one you had uploaded) to verify it’s you and not someone else or a minor.

Get started: Download this safe and reliable alcohol delivery service HERE.

  • Zomato

(Picture: Zomato App Snapshot)

Zomato also joined the bandwagon after different states permitted alcohol sale via on-demand liquor delivery mobile apps for safe consumption at home.

How it works: Zomato also has the same method of one-time verification to confirm you qualify the legal drinking age. Therefore, you should keep your Govt. ID ready to upload online and show it when the Zomato Delivery Guy shows up. Zomato has partnered several wine shops to facilitate the best alcohol to its customers across various cities, such as Kolkata, Mumbai, and more. They have taken rider hygiene and safety checks as a priority to prevent any transmission of the virus.

Get started: Update your liquor stash by ordering from here.

  • Hipbar

(Picture: HipBar App Snapshot)

HipBar is India’s first legal Alcohol Home Delivery Service Provider, offering its services in Kolkata, Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, and Rourkela. This app with 100K+ downloads has an impressive 4+ star rating and wishes to expand to other cities too.

How it works: The HipBar app lists the nearby retail stores for you to choose and order based on the delivery slots. The store’s catalog enlists drinks they currently stock and are ready to deliver after you place an order. As the app encourages buyers to “go cashless,” you can pay the amount through UPIs like Google Pay, PhonePe, PayTM, etc. or user credit/debit cards, or netbanking.

Get started: Buy your favorite drinks on HipBar by downloading the app here.

  • Bottle Rover

(Picture: Bottle Rover App Snapshot)

Though not very known, Bottle Rover is yet a perfect on-demand liquor delivery mobile app for a number of reasons. The app provides powerful search and filters to easily find your favorite beer or wine or liquor. Don’t know about new wine? The detailed descriptions on the app for a product helps you determine whether you should buy or not.

Catchy elements:

  • Compare prices relevant to your ordering location. It’s just easy for you to buy!
  • Earn rewards on every bottle you order from Bottle Rover.
  • Weekly cocktail recipes to try new drinks.
  • Excellent app for party-loving people who love sending gifts or hosting parties.
  • Exclusive liquor deals and flash sales.
  • Intelligent wine recommendations.

How it works: Discover a store near you and select the order you want. The app allows you to schedule pickup and delivery from your mobile device. Let the delivery guy bring it to your doorstep so that you can enjoy your time without queuing at a liquor store.

Get started: Download the Bottle Rover app right here.

  • Jhoom

(Picture: Jhoom App Snapshot)

Jhoom is an awesome Alcohol Home Delivery service that allows its customers to shop both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages online. You can simply place orders from authorized and licensed vendors and enjoy your favorite drinks at your place!

How it works: Jhoom app allows you to browse the alcoholic products and place an order from the authorized store. You can show your ID to the delivery guy and collect your order and check all the items. Once you receive the items, you can pay for the same via UPIs or Cards. The app strictly recommends buyers to NOT PAY any amount before receiving and checking the items.

Get started: Check into this app here.

The cost of developing an On-demand alcohol delivery mobile app is easily affordable these days.

Since the market competition in India isn’t too high in terms of alcohol delivery service app, anyone can choose to begin this business quickly within a few days.

Download one of the best alcohol delivery service apps and party hard (only at your home!).


Author’s Bio: Aravinda Kumar Raj is the Digital Marketing Manager at Pharos Softtech. He writes, discusses, markets, and wonders how products/services become successful in the world. His love for reading books and binge-watching of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. episodes for zillion times keeps him sane.


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