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The houses built from recycled plastic

How good it will be when tonnes of plastic that is produced get recycled in useful things like Home!!!! The plastic waste issue affects the environment with increases poverty. It becomes hard to digest that we are only the reason of creating such waste, plastic represents a huge global problem. Hundred kilograms of plastic per year are thrown by the average American or European. In Colombia, just 100 tons of plastic being recycled that of 700 tons of plastic is discarded daily. Big initiatives all around the world are trying to fight pollution by promoting recycling. It is made possible to reduce poverty by building houses made of plastic.

It is good to find ways to resolve our environmental issues. We are the one pollutes the environment, we should be one to recover in any small or big work.

This plastic house is made with blocks made up of plastic. Plastic that is water or shampoo bottles, plastic chairs, or garbage cans, etc. Any type of plastic is melted and poured into moulds of bricks and work much like Lego pieces. These houses look similar to normal brick and mortar houses.

Concepros Plasticos with this new idea has helped many homeless families to settle down in homes. Concepros Plasticos is a Colombia company that has come up with lego style, stackable house made up of plastic. A good feature of these houses is they can be torn down and rebuilt again.

  • These houses have the capacity to last up to 500-600 years.
  • This is fire resistance and earthquake resistant.
  • Safe and durable against natural disasters.

Co-founder Oscar Andres Mendez had said that they are helping to close the extreme poverty gap and mitigating global warming with a solution that has a high impact, social, environmental and economic.

It takes four people to construct, with no experience and a minimum of five days to built for one family.

 Two critical issues of Colombia and be controlled:

First housing crisis and second increasing amount of plastic on landfills.

This is a ray of light for the homeless, to live in there own home. These blocks can be used to construct their own homes, community halls, as well as classrooms. Also affordable and time-saving to everyone.

This is beginning to change. It will help not only homeless people but our environment. It has made a solution to one of the needed building materials. It diverts waste from landfills and Prevents plastic pollution.

Read More at Global IP Trust

Plastic Bottles Make Houses That Are Perfect


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