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Odia films This is Mayare Baya clash this Durga Puja

The Odia movies ‘This is Mayare Baya’ is set to clash this Dussehra.

This is Mayare Baya is an Oriya movie starring Sidhant and Jhilik in prominent roles. The cast also includes Swaraj and Elina. It is a romantic comedy directed by Susant Mani with Malay Mishra as the Music director and Subhransu Das as Director of Photography forming part of the crew.

The audience will get to witness hilarious comedy and romance in this films releasing this Durga Puja.

Sidharth Music’s 27th film “This Is Maya Re Baya” is releasing this Durga Puja, starring Sidhant, Jhilik, Swaraj and Elina. Sidhant has been paired opposite Jhilik while the audience will witness the onscreen romance between Swaraj and Elina.

The songs of the film This is Mayare Baya is already creating a buzz. ‘Aaji Tharu Tu Mora’, “Tu Heija Gote Smart Phone” and “First Time Kaain Feel Hela” have been well appreciated by the song lovers.


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