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Listen to the wondrous tales told by the tribal crafts of Odisha!

Women around the world put a big chunk of their lives on the backburner when they become mothers, wives, daughters in law etc. The satisfaction of nurturing her children with the right set of values and attitudes, the satisfaction of maintaining a spic and span home, the satisfaction of seeing the inmates of her marital home tucking in a piping hot simple fresh meal cooked with love warms the cockles of her heart. She accepts this phase with grace and knows she is working for the greater good of her family which is so dear to her. All her hobbies, her ambitions, her dreams and her time seem distant to her.

Yet her spirit is restless. Her sleep is not the deep slumber of contentment. Her smile is beautiful but we can sense the tinge of sadness in it. Where, why, how and who am I?

I may be Saachi, Suruchi, Samaira, Sameena, Pushpa, Sita or Geeta. I may be living in a busy metropolitan city or in a tiny remote unknown hamlet of rural India. I believe that my life too has a purpose. I feel that my life too needs to have some meaning in it.

What Saachi feels today, Suruchi may feel tomorrow.

The story of Sita lives on in the heart and life of all Indian women yet she creates music in the lives of others like a grand gal of gumption called Geeta.

We all have a story to tell. We all know ….very well know that each one will have a unique tale to tell.

We refuse to acknowledge the fact that the story of our lives is dull, mundane and the same as a faded page of history dismissed and discarded in a day called yesterday!

My story isn’t over yet………and remember, we are not discussing just one story here.

This is her story, her story and her story too.

Saachi, Suruchi, Sita, Geeta and not to forget Samaira and Pushpa and a whole host of others biding their time… that they can bask in the glory of realizing their true worth.

I may patiently wait it out, but ultimately on some future date which is hiding in a day called tomorrow – I will deliver an excellent power point presentation that will unleash my true potential.

Let me introduce myself to you. I am Saachi – an urbanite.

I live on the other end of the spectrum, but I too wait patiently for that hidden tomorrow to reveal its splendour to me. I believe in miracles. I am most certainly not adept at delivering a power point presentation. I simply do not belong to the urban world of smart educated women who are so techno savvy. But I also have the power to create a world of my own with the nimbleness of my fingers.

Lovely idols with eyes that seem to speak a language of their own, filigree work that projects a symbolic meaning…..which can be interpreted in a million different ways, applique work lanterns to illuminate the sagging spirits of a morally wounded woman…..I create them all with my passion, my skills and my inherent talent.

Let me introduce myself to you. I am Suruchi- a ruralite.

Saachi or Suruchi…….Does it really matter? The patterns of our lives are not so very different. We have done what we had to do. It is time now for us to focus on something that we believed in. Always believed in.

So we find a Saachi sitting on her porch in her rocking chair on the sixth floor of her flat on a calm cool spring day. Back and forth goes her rocking chair as she ponders for a long while.

So we find a Suruchi swinging gently in her courtyard on a makeshift swing put together with a sturdy rope on a banyan tree. She is lost in a world of her own making.

The thoughts of both these women are in perfect harmony. The vibrations synchronize together as both these women make a promise to themselves.

The determination is evident in the glittering eyes.

…………….new beginnings beckon……….

Suruchi taps the young woman called Saachi on her shoulders.

“I don’t understand what you say completely. But I will do what you say. Come with me….”

Suruchi meets Saachi from

Saachi explains the mission of to Suruchi.

Both are at their professional best. The language is crisp, concise and to the point. Both know what will work and what will not work for them.

“Here are some things that we would want all of you to follow…” says Saachi. Suruchi listens in rapt attention, making rapid mental notes.

Revival of our traditional handcrafted items with special focus on Odisha is our sole mission. will showcase all your handicrafts.

But you will need to tweak your designs and sculptures and bell metal castings and applique work crafts etc. to cater to the requirements specified by is an ecommerce venture that will pass on the benefits to you directly. does not want your handiwork and handicraft items alone.

We at are not here to make a quick buck at your expense Suruchi. You need to understand that very clearly.

Suruchi listened with rapt attention.

In due course of time, we, at will slowly impart training to all of you so that you craft and reinvent completely new designs to cater to a futuristic market.

We, at believe that no one can compete with your expertise and skills.

We, at understand that you know what you are doing. Your crafts are timeless and ageless miracles.

We, at want to revive all these miracles which are lost amidst the pages of our rich, dusty history.

We, at want to make it our business to brush and blow that dust away to revive the rich heritage of Odisha – our hometowns.

I may have drifted away to an urban city Suruchi, while you chose to or perhaps were destined to remain rooted to Odisha.

The urbanite Saachi is in no way superior to the ruralite Suruchi.

We both yearn to revive a slice of our lives.

We both yearn to make a difference in the world with the only known life that we are blessed with.

We have waited far too long Suruchi. The wait may have been well worth it. But the time for us to reclaim our own lives and lead it our way at least for a few hours in a day has come.

You, Suruchi are a crucial component of the mission.

We want to capture images of you – candid honest images of you as you – proudly as you.

We want to catch a glimpse of you while you are basking in the satisfaction of creating that stunning applique bag or that enigmatically silent statue of Ganesha which forces you to acknowledge your flaws…….such things are bound to go viral in the real life market.

We, at will post all these images on our portal Suruchi.

We, at want our buyers to realize that there is a story – a history, a geography and a passion behind every skilled hand crafted item that is on display.

Your story is not over yet Suruchi. Your story like my story has just begun again with

Together we will revive the handicrafts of Odisha.

Yes, this also means we regain and recapture the essence of our lives and it is about time that we did so with pride.

Suruchi takes her own time to imbibe Saachi’s story.

She realizes that Saachi’s story is very different from her own yet there is striking chord of similarity in both their lives.

Will you tell me the name of that website again slowly…..I want to learn it…..asks Suruchi.…….says Saachi quietly with great respect in her eyes.

Suruchi gets up slowly, dusting her handloom saree……….She extends her hands.

Saachi clasps Suruchi’s skilled hands firmly as she gently rises.

We will redefine and revive the handicrafts of Odisha.

We will rewrite the script of our lives with … team of artisans stands by your noble mission and vision.

It’s time to celebrate the woman within us……….

Saachi and Suruchi hold each other in a tight embrace……..tears of happiness streaming down their faces……


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