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Experience the magic of tussar silk sarees through e-commerce portals like

“It’s beautiful Ma! I can imagine you as a pretty slim youngster of 23 getting married to Papa. He’s a good man – you know that well enough I suppose.” said Shristi.

“Beneath all his anger is a lot of hurt and an abundance of love for all of us. Not many people really understand him well enough. He just expresses his love differently. He is a man of few words – but he was the one who bought this saree for me and insisted that I wear it for our wedding.” Said Maya.

“Tussar silk belongs to a lost era – or so I presumed. Just look at this texture Shree – so thick yet so light. The artisans of Odisha love to embroider on Tussar. The weavers use tussar as a base material for Pattachitra and Bhagalpur sarees. Some artisan somewhere surely wove a part of her soul into this particular saree Shree. I can feel the positive vibrations whenever I wear this saree. Yes, you are right. I definitely feel I should wear it on your wedding day too!” Continued Maya with a distant look on her face!

“How many times have you worn this saree Ma?” asked Shristi.

“Several times in fact. Sometimes Papa would request me to wear it when we went out for dinner together, at other times I would wear it to experience the feel good factor of the saree! But this saree has always been my good luck charm! I love all hand made things. You too have that trait Shree. I just hope that the hand loom sector gets the much needed boost to revive all our traditional handloom made sarees!” said Maya.

“Don’t worry a bit about that Ma. E- Commerce is becoming highly popular because of the convenience factor. People – particularly women are realizing the many advantages of shopping on e-commerce portals like The handicraft items are authentic, extremely cost effective and are directly shipped to our homes. There are various payment options and there is a stunning collection for us to browse through!”

But the concept of is truly classic. They interact with the weavers and the artisans themselves to craft clothes and sarees that cater to the latest fashion trends. ensures that the benefit is directly passed on to these artisans. They go around these small hamlets with their laptops and literally show the price range of the sarees to the artisans and weavers themselves. The customers who shop on ecommerce portals like are happy because they get authentic handloom made sarees at decent prices. The customers who shop on ecommerce portals like also get the advantage of shopping at their convenience – browse to your heart’s content without dealing with a dour faced tired and cranky salesman before you zoom in on the saree of your choice. Another advantage of shopping on ecommerce portals like is that they have a talent pool of in house designers who work closely with these weavers and artisans. So if we have a picture on instagram for instance and want to use it as a motif on a tussar silk saree –they will design and weave a saree like that for us exclusively!” said Shristi.

“Hmmmm……you are right – with ecommerce sites like there is no imminent danger of the handmade tussar silk sarees or Bhagalpuri silk sarees or the Pattachitra sarees going out of fashion. The folks working on this ecommerce portal called are good you know. They are like your Papa. They don’t interact or talk much. But go round quietly doing what they feel is right and good for the weavers. The folks of treat these weavers and artisans like their family members – we can sense that from their passion!” replied Maya.

“It’s strange but equally fascinating to see such people in the virtual world. We can hardly find such people in the real world these days – let alone the virtual world!” said Maya.

“Oh – come now Ma – I thought you were a sensible lady. Good people exist all around the world all the time. Only our medium of communication has changed from the real world to the virtual world. There are advantages and disadvantages to both scenarios. We just have to get our priorities right! I agree with you on that count though. I seriously believe that the folks of are doing their best to portray and project the magic of tussar silk sarees on their ecommerce portal. They are not out to make a quick buck at our expense nor is it a website which will fizzle out of steam within a few years. They are making slow but steady progress with the sale of their handcrafted wonders. I truly can sense that this website will literally craft a niche for itself amongst the Indian urbanites and then quickly move on to bask in the global limelight!” said Shristi.

“Do you have anything in mind that you wish to wear on your wedding day Shree? We can shop accordingly for it!” asked Maya to her daughter Shristi.

Both Maya and Shristi were lounging in Maya’s bedroom. Shristi’s laptop was open.

Shristi had shortlisted a few tussar silk hand embroidered sarees on It was on her wish list and she moved sideways on the bed so that Maya could view the sarees that she had selected on

The doorbell rang! It was 10 p.m.

Papa looked up from the couch in the living room with an amused expression on his face. He had been watching TV.

“Women – my dear dear young ladies – do you folks ever tire of talking and chatting and giggling? Your Ma will go crazy when you get married Shree. Whom will she chat with?”

“Why – Papa – she will chat nonstop with you – she has 27 years of talking to catch up with.” Said Shristi with a huge smile on her face opening the door at the same time.

“Hello ma’am – I’m here to meet a Ms. Shristi. I am from I am here to deliver Ms. Shristi’s wedding saree to her personally as per Mr. Shekhar’s express instructions!” said the young man from

The young man from placed the parcel carefully on Shristi’s outstretched arms and quickly fished out his smartphone from his pocket. With your permission ma’am – we would like to take a few photographs of you right now!

Shristi stood there opening and closing her eyes and her lips in amazement. She was totally surprised by Shekhar – her fiancé’s gesture. She was too stunned to speak.

Her arms felt strangely heavy and she realized that she was still holding the parcel in her hands. She smiled slowly and looked around.

Ma and Papa were taken aback by surprise too – Shristi noticed. She could see the tears streaming down her Ma’s face….

“Shree will be happy…….I just know so……..I am seeing history repeating itself!” said Maya hugging her husband tightly.

Papa looked at the two women of his life with wonder. He could never really understand women but he loved them alright. Papa – dear Papa did not realize that his mini talk with his future son-in-law would have such a great impact on his wife and daughter. Good thing he mentioned to Shekhar – else he knew both of them would have been disappointed. Shekhar was a good lad – good enough for his dear daughter Shristi………he doted on her and would really miss her…….

The ladies had carefully unwrapped the package and were literally worshipping the ruby red tussar silk saree which had hand embroidery all over it.

The young man from was still busy taking photographs on his smart phone. He had a huge smile on his face……….he had been successful in his mission of creating joy and smiles in a pretty lady’s life.

The young man from knew it was time to depart – his work was done – it was time now for Shristi to experience the magic of the hand woven tussar saree for ever and ever!

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