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Digital Transformation: Survive and Thrive in an Era of Mass Extinction

Digital Transformation: Survive associated Thrive in associate Era of Mass Extinction Digital Transformation: Survive and Thrive in an Era of Mass Extinction may be a book by Thomas M Siebel. During this book, Tomas Siebel offers compelling insights from a practitioner’s purpose of read. Cuts through the ballyhoo and offers sensible recommendation for CEOs and different leaders. In doing therefore, Thomas paints associate exalting vision for associate inevitable future.

Summary OF THE BOOK  

Tom Siebel has arranged move into easy terms a way to perceive and thrive in today’s new data economy. So Digital Transformation: Survive associated Thrive in an Era of Mass Extinction may be a must-read for today’s business leaders. It delivers an in depth investigate the massive image.

 It explains not solely what’s happening currently, however what firms should do and why. Intelligent machines area unit disrupting the business world and therefore the remainder of the planet, to0. Leadership, strategy, and risk-taking will create the foremost of it.

“Everyone talks concerning digital transformation and here is our probability to really understand and execute it well.” —Jay Crotts, Chief data Officer, Royal Dutch Shell Digital Transformation Siebel thinks we tend to area unit in associate era of mass company extinction with mass evolution of recent forms of firms. Moreover, Siebel may be a talented author, and with over forty years in Hence, he usually spent talking with different CEOs.  Even he has many stories and insight into the impact of recent technology.


* There’s a mix of 4 turbulent technologies. Cloud computing, Big data, the web of things and AI is dramatically ever-changing the means businesses vie.

* To survive, most firms can have to be compelled to create revolutionary

* The chief operating officer has got to lead this variation.

* The competitive landscape for governments is additionally ever-changing. China has declared it intends to be the leader in AI. It plans to speculate $60 billion per annum by 2025 to induce there. Move on the far side AI experiments and prototype. Maybe the foremost valuable elements of the book area unit Siebel’s tips.

* Giant firms will flip their existing information into a competitive advantage to discourage new industrialist estimates it’ll save over $100 million per annum victimization AI to optimize its inventory. 3M hopes to avoid wasting over $500 million per annum from its AI applications. capable readiness by applying AI to predict the requirement for special craft maintenance.

What MASS EXTINCTION extremely is that the “mass extinction” of the subtitle refers to business companies. They’re versatile cloud computing, big data, AI, and therefore the net of Things.

In the public sector, digitisation can permit governments to scale back prices and improve services. Siebel details helpful case studies of U.S. and they need benefited from digitisation, like industrialist, 3M, and Italy’s Enel. Below these circumstances, the book sounds a note of warning. Therefore, it’s just about at war with the U.S.

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