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Cut And Pull Out Test

CAPO Testing (Cut and Pull Out), determines the compression in situ strength of concrete in existing structures. CAPO experiment estimates the power necessary for the pullout from a concrete specimen/structure of an integrated metal insert.

Typical apps for the CAPO-TEST include:

? Quality assurance tests on a completed building 

? Verification of in-place strength when standard-curated specific resistance does not fulfill approval requirements.

? Estimating power of concrete in current buildings.

? Evaluation of fire-damaged buildings.

The health assessment and assessment of risks of current buildings are increasingly needed and the in-situ performance of structural systems meets the design criteria. To evaluate RCC structures for on-site strength, integrity and corrosion analysis for reinforcement bars Avantech Engineering Consortium offers a broad spectrum of test services that meet Indian and/or international standards and codes.

In-Situ Compressive Strength (design strength, and existing structures)

Cut & Pull Out (CAPO) is a secure exam technique for determining the power of compressive RCC constructions on the ground. The findings of the CAPO exam are discovered to be within 8% of the standard method outcomes.

CAPO test is carried out by the guidelines laid out in ASTM C900, BS-1881: Part 207 and EN-12504-3.



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