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Before taking a decision for surgery, you should know different causes of crow’s feet as mentioned below:
— — Aging
— — Genetics
— — UV Rays
— — Facial Motion
— — Smoking
— — Alcohol
— — Unhealthy Lifestyle
— — Eye-Related Issues
— — Stress
— — Weight Change
You can take some steps to prevent the appearance of crow’s feet as mentioned below
— — Protect yourself from UV exposure
— — Make some lifestyle changes
— — Address excessive facial motion
— — Wisely deal with stress
— — Know the root cause of your crow’s feet
You can deal with crow’s feet in many ways. There are many treatment options available, Mentioned bellow the surgical and non surgical treatment options :
— — Blepharoplasty
— — Botox
— — Laser Resurfacing
— — Dermal Fillers
Crow’s feet can be treated with the help of eyelid surgery. Blepharoplasty is the most effective surgical treatment because the patient can get the results last for a long period of time. The area around your eyes becomes smoother and crow’s feet will barely visible.
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