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Commercial Disinfection Service in Canada With Germisafe

Residential – Office – Commercial Disinfection Service. Call now 647.901.5894 or visit

GermiSafe” Ensuring safe & Clean Living”
👍🏻Disinfection services in your area

👉🏻Do you own a business and are you looking to create a safe workspace for your staff and customers?
👉🏻Does your family create high foot traffic in your home?
👉🏻Are you Moving in to new house ?

Whatever your individual circumstances, Germisafe’s safe and clean disinfectant service is the perfect solution for ensuring the continued safety of your family staff and customers.

👉🏻Germisafe protects you and your families/employees from germs, deadly viruses (Covid19)🦠and bacterias.

👉🏻Total disinfection, sanitizing & cleaning service by Germisafe’s professional team at very low and affordable prices coz Germisafe wants to protect you.

✅Residential Starts from $99.00
✅Commercial starts from $.15cents sqft
✅ Special Rates for medical & frontline workers available

👉🏻Call Germisafe now +1 647.901.5894

Germisafe provides service residential and commercial.

✅Certified products & Equipment
✅Professional & friendly staff
✅100% satisfaction guaranteed
✅Affordable prices

Germisafe provides service all over GTA….


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