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Beautiful reflective phases are a part of all our lives. Contentment is a deeply satisfying feeling to experience. Our struggles in our past have shaped our personalities and we have learned several crucial values along the way.

People who have struggled their way through life are more empathetic. They are able to relate to and tune into other people’s challenges. The thoughts are buzzing around in our hearts and emotions are flitting around in our heads.

Why should we not think with our hearts and feel with our brains? Random obscure thoughts and feelings like this will haunt us. For a short span in our life we will bask in this comfortable feeling of contentment because we have earned it with our sweat and toil often working 12 to 18 hours in a day. It does not matter whether we are working in big organizations and earning eye brow raising salaries or whether we are working round the clock at home and doing a bit of embroidery or weaving in between chores to add to the family kitty. Contentment also comes to us when all our family members are living together in harmony and working in synchronization with one another’s thoughts and feelings.

But then we can sense our own inner restlessness. Our thoughts and feelings are now tuned towards a bigger picture. A lot of people have contributed to our current phase of bliss, peace and contentment. Seen and unseen forces are always at work and we realize that we are blessed to have so much positive energy in our lives.

It is now time for us to work towards a bigger picture.

And that is what we, at are doing right now even as your eyes drift pass this very article.

There are several technical experts who are working together with us in our team. Some team members may have ample funds, and they willingly put it to good use because an ecommerce portal like is all about touching the lives of the tribal folks of Odisha.

Other team members may be technology experts and will extend their knowledge and time willingly for a concept like – not because they have ample time in their hands – no – in fact they may be extremely busy but will carve out time for such projects like because the vision is all about extending a life line of support to the craftsmen of Odisha.

Yet, other team members will work quietly behind the scenes and co-ordinate the a project like by visiting the craftsmen, understanding their challenges and figuring out ways and means of building a support system for them using the expertise and financial funding of the team.

Hmmm… important point to be noted here is that the phase of contentment does not magically come to us in our late 50s or 60s or 70s. Youngsters these days lead highly satisfying jobs with great pay scales but they are also very grounded and even headed.

They are mature beyond their years and realize that all our lives need to have some meaning in it – we need to be productive with our lives.

This is what drives and motivates the team.

And why is there so much focus on Odisha?

I wish to share a small experience here.

I visited my mother’s house recently -after almost two years.

‘The blue cane chair in the veranda is mine for the whole of one week!’ I told my brother over the phone.

It was my favourite chair and place for the better part of my childhood. I would curl up on it and read books for hours in that secluded breezy corner of our veranda and would often nod off to sleep there.

‘I want to go to XYZ store during the morning hours when it is not crowded!’ was my next demand to my brother!

‘Okay madam – we will fulfil all your wishes – but please come soon!’ texted back my brother with a huge smiley.

And I bought myself two expensive sarees and some lovely salwar kameez material. I indulged the craziness or perhaps you could call it the woman in me that day! I hardly socialized and I knew that I would wear such expensive clothes perhaps about only a dozen times in my life – yet my intuition was strong.

My childhood memories of that store were precious. I was revisiting my roots. I loved the food I was eating because I enjoyed basking in the company of my loved ones. I loved the clothes that I bought and looked at them umpteen times after returning to my married home because I felt I had re anchored my spirits after visiting my roots. I sat for hours quietly on that blue cane chair because it transported me back in time. understands the essence and values of such strong anchors. So, it has become their mission to redefine the handicrafts of their hometown Odisha. The people of Odisha have blessed them with excellent childhood memories. The struggles that all the individual team members of have experienced has made them more empathetic and brought them together.

The team wants to add some meaning to their own lives and make it more productive. And slowly the team realized that if they wanted to add some value and meaning to their lives, they first need to add some value and meaning to other people’s lives.

And they rightly preferred to begin with their hometowns. The team wanted to return the love that they had basked in as children of Odisha.

The tribal craftsmen speak different dialects of the Odisha. They create and craft exquisite handicrafts. The team uses its technical expertise to project, portray and showcase the talent of such skilled expert craftsmen on their ecommerce portal.

The photographs are preciously authentic….even a casual person browsing through the portal can understand that. They capture the soul of these skilled handicraftsmen through the lens of their camera so that the entire world can get a glimpse of these tribal people. is not a portal where you may simply chance upon some lovely odds and ends. Each and every section of the portal has been meticulously planned and systematically categorized.

The handicraft items on display are sourced from various villages of Odisha where each village specializes in making a particular handicraft item.

These craftsmen and weavers are most certainly not adept at speaking English but the story of their lives and their crafts and their weaves is extremely spell binding.

These craftsmen have immense reservoirs of faith in their craft which has been handed down to them through generations. Their skill and their craft is their only source of livelihood.

They were truly questioning the depth of their faith because they were on the brink of despair and hopelessness………there were no takers and no buyers for their priceless crafts. Why were they toiling and weaving a part of their souls into their handicraft items when all they would do is gather dust in some corner of their cupboards. Had their ancestors blessed them or had they clipped their wings for ever by teaching them nothing else except their craft?

They questioned their fate. They questioned their destiny. They wondered if there was a God residing in the idols that they crafted with such love. was God’s answer to these tribal people. He, the all-knowing, built a bridge between skills and technology via so that these craftsmen could gain the global recognition that they were always waiting for.

The team goes around all these hamlets, sourcing exquisite handicraft items, telling them, training them to mould their craft to match the requirements of the current market trends.

The artisans are all bubbling with enthusiasm because the dawn of a new global revolution has finally arrived right at their doorsteps.

They are flexible in their approach and listen attentively when the team gives them some valuable insights regarding their crafts. and these artisans of Odisha know – intuitively know – that it is only a matter of time before they get the recognition that they truly deserve.

The channel and the path has been created………the handicrafts of Odisha are poised to soar to greater heights of fame and success………thanks to the spirit of the team!


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