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Channel Growth Assessment

  1. Why is it important for a channel to consider what category they are in?
  2. What would you typically expect to see in the Watch Time “published” report for a Hero channel?
  3. What would you typically expect to see in the Watch Time “published” report for a Hub channel?
  4. Why would you want to review the ratio of views being converted to ads?
  5. Which of the following helps fuel the YouTube ads ecosystem?
  6. Which content format is typically associated with a watch time pattern of a spike, followed by a gradual decline?
  7. Which one of the following metrics may not be a part of your top level revenue performance?
  8. How is the media landscape changing?
  9. What is a recommended action to support Hero content programming?
  10. What is the recommended first step in a channel assessment?
  11. How might you know if you are increasing your subscriber watch time?
  12. Which of the following ad formats typically has the highest CPMs?
  13. What is one strategy to evaluate how well thumbnails distinguish content?
  14. What is a way to use the “Compare” feature in YouTube Analytics to determine benchmarks?
  15. What is a direct way to earn revenue on YouTube?
  16. What is the correct order of steps to set up your channel for monetization and to get paid for earned ad revenue?
  17. Which is not an example of a measurable question that you can ask during a channel assessment?
  18. Which content format is typically associated with a watch time pattern of a spike, followed by a sharp drop?
  19. Why might you compare watch time patterns by content groups?
  20. What influences how ads get onto a channel’s videos?
  21. Which one of the following is not something you would check for when evaluating how video titles drive discovery?
  22. What does the Translations report allow you to do?
  23. What is the flow of the assessment framework?
  24. How can taking a snapshot of your channel performance help you with assessing your channel?
  25. How might you incorporate the audience into a mission statement?
  26. Where is a recommended place to add the channel mission statement?
  27. Why is it important to assess discovery on YouTube?
  28. A key consideration when evaluating a video description is:
  29. If your demographic changes on your latest video series and you see lower audience retention rates, which is the least likely next step?
  30. Which is a good example of a mission statement for a YouTube channel?
  31. What is the ideal audience retention pattern?
  32. What low-investment strategies could a channel do that may help increase viewership in a particular country?
  33. Why is it important to know if a channel’s demographics have changed?
  34. Which could be a reason that two videos with similar monetizable view counts earn different revenue?
  35. You have an English channel and notice that more viewership is starting to come from two Latin American countries that speak Spanish and Portuguese. What is something simple you can consider doing to maximize this opportunity?
  36. If you find content with high watch time from subscribers, what can you do next?
  37. Which one of the following is not something you would check for when evaluating how thumbnails drive discovery?
  38. Which of the following content types deters advertisers from showing ads on your videos?
  39. Why is having an audience match important?
  40. If you saw an increase in revenue, but overall CPMs were lower, which of the following could be why?
  41. What options can channels have to restrict the types of ads that are shown on their channel?
  42. What is the role of video metadata on YouTube?
  43. If you want the option of gambling or alcohol ads to appear on your channel videos, what do you need to do?
  44. Which one of the following is not recommended for playlists?
  45. To determine if a channel has effective metadata, what can you evaluate?
  46. Which is not one of the metrics suggested for analyzing the Traffic Sources report?
  47. If a sports channel broadcasts professional American football games and wants to target local university students, which demographic might be the best fit for this criteria?
  48. What is an auction ad?
  49. Which is true of reserve ads?

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