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Changing jobs is not the only way to increase your salary

Need for quick success

Achieving success quickly is extremely important for most new-age employees. They tend to make ruthless leaps from one job to another in no time. The reason behind this is, fetching handsome salary hikes rapidly. When a person changes his/her job, he or she is offered a higher CTC than his/her existing package. Therefore, this industrial norm has become a path to soaring paychecks for most employees now-a-days.

Risks associated with rapid job changing

However there is a downside to following this trend. Since companies expend their valuable resources in hiring and training an employee, they want him/her to serve them for a long period of time. So, most organizations look for employees who can offer long service tenure. This poses a problem for the chronic job changers. Their resume reflects their tendency to hop jobs continuously. This leaves a bad impression on their prospective employer and reduces their chance of being offered the job.

With incessantly soaring prices, the rising need for better salaries cannot be ignored. If not a job change, what can be done to appraise our paychecks?

Here are few ways which can help you fetch a satisfactory remuneration-

1) Get certifications

If you keep on learning and acquiring certifications from time to time, then your skills improve. Your advanced knowledge will began to reflect in your work. This will make your employer see how valuable you are for the organization and hence you will get salary raises frequently.

2) Get noticed

If you are working hard, make sure that your work gets noticed. Good work is what your employer is looking for. Once you produce some good work, get your employer to notice that. This will have a good impact on your salary appraisal.

3) Maintain good corporate relations with your superior, subordinates and colleagues

In a workplace you will have to deal with your superiors, colleagues and subordinates. More than often you will be dependent upon them for some or the other work. If you maintain friendly relations with them, they are likely to be supportive of your work. Hence your job will get accomplished easily in a better manner. Good work means good pay. Apart from that they also fill in your performance appraisal sheet. If you have good relations with them, they are likely to fill in good things about you.

4) Improve communication skills

Communication skills can help you go ahead in the corporate ladder. Those who communicate well get noticed easily and are able to form corporate bonds easily. Improving communication can help you get those things done which are critical for your success in your organization. Hence, it can contribute to increase your salary.

5) Work in odd shifts

Employers generally struggle to find employees during festive seasons, on weekends or for nightshifts. If you really want to increase your salary quickly, you can volunteer for shifts during those times. Not only do these shifts pay more, it will also leave a good impression on your employers about your willingness to contribute to the organization. This can help you to increase your salary too.

Following these ways can help you increase your remuneration without changing your job. This way your resume reflects stability and you do not have adjust to new working environment frequently. You can make your career more fulfilling and steady through this.

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