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Befriending Mother Nature and Mother Earth via!

I have a new friend.

I decided that she was my friend.

On Thursday, when I first met her – I called her Prakriti.

Yesterday was a Sunday. I decided to name her Bhoomi.

I am very much a woman like her – given to my moods, whims and fancies. So sometimes I call her Prakriti…. at other times I call her Bhoomi.

Prakriti means Nature.

Bhoomi means Earth.

Mother Nature. Mother Earth.

Prakriti or Bhoomi if you prefer to call her that – touched the beautiful chord of silence within me. She smiled quietly and beautifully.

She was extraordinarily gifted.

This dark damsel called Prakriti – could not speak like ordinary folks like you and me.

I will not dishonour or disrespect her by calling her deaf and dumb.

She could understand every word of what I was saying and I could grasp the essence of all her gestures which perfectly conveyed all her thoughts and emotions.

She touched that beautiful chord within me again…..her very young son called Sharad (which by the way is the name of a season) was very protective about her. He kept talking in that strange human language that we all converse in – as his mother conversed through her gestures with me. He was carefully scanning my face and trying to scrutinize my expressions. When he was reassured that I respected his mother – my new friend Bhoomi – he decided that I was worth his mother’s attention.

Prakriti and I met for a total of 5 minutes flat.

I may never meet Bhoomi again.

Bhoomi does not even know how deeply she affected me.

Prakriti made me realize the value of the silent contribution of a mother in a child’s life.

End of real life experience. is our dear young Sharad.

Mother Nature and Mother Earth are just that…… Mother Nature and Mother Earth.

Silent quiet workers who work without any expectations from their children.

Mother Earth and Mother Nature are inherent givers…….they give and bless their children abundantly with all their bountiful beautiful life giving gifts.

Prakriti was very proud of her young child Sharad because he knew the value of his mother.

Mother Nature and Mother Earth are very proud of because they realize the value of natural wonders that Mother Nature blesses us with. respects and honours all those craftsmen, weavers, handicraftsmen who toil with zeal, passion and respect to craft all those organic and eco-friendly hand loom made sarees or tribal jewellery or gift items. is working ardently to showcase the work of these craftsmen on their ecommerce portal.

The beautiful, eloquent, simple, radiant designs on all the hand loom sarees that are displayed on the portal of spell class and ooze panache.

Some damsel called Prakriti, some handsome lad called Vasant, some dark expert craftsman called Sharad, some classically aged but strong and sturdy old woman called Bhoomi, some bright spirited gal called Garima, some eloquent lass called Sandhya or some moody but smart girl called Ritu are working away from dawn to dusk to create stunning natural wonders called hand loom sarees which we urbanites can wear with élan.

Like the young Sharad of my experience, repeatedly scrutinizes the minds and hearts of our readers and viewers.

If your heart is in the right place, it should unfailingly draw you to the skill and the talent of all those rural folks who are weaving those natural wonders called handloom sarees.

Ladies reading this article – silence is the only chord that hopes to touch within all of you.

A quiet revolution is the only promise that offers to all of you.

An ecommerce venture can work only if there are buyers for what we at are selling.

Revert back to your roots. Revisit your roots. Touch base with your culture, your traditions and your tribal brethren. Try to visualize their life.

Urbanites are truly blessed because they are born on the richer side of the material spectrum.

But ruralites are much more blessed than all the urbanites of the world put together.


Because they value the bounty that Mother Nature and Mother Earth blesses them with.

People like Sharad and Vasant and Ritu and Garima and Prakriti and Bhoomi use their intellect and their ingenuity and their passion and their skill and their talent to decipher the nuances and blessings of Mother Nature and Mother Earth.

So they will not mind sweating it out to weave thread out of cotton.

They will not mind toiling to dye the yarn with wondrous colours made of roots and vegetables and plant sap.

They will work laboriously to then set up the loom to create a design which symbolizes some aspect of culture and tradition.

They will then finally get about to slowly but steadily weaving a beautiful saree inch by slow inch.

Cool to wear. Soft to touch. Tough to withstand the vagaries of Indian weather.

Lovely to drape, pleasing to the eye and elegant to look at.

That may perhaps define all those wondrous handloom sarees that those tribal rural brethren of ours painstaking create for their urban counterparts. does the classic work of the mediator – the work that young Sharad did for me when I was speaking with his mother Bhoomi. respects the rural folks because they patiently and expertly transform all the gifts of Mother Nature into a wearable fashion statement making garment called a handloom saree. respects the urban folks too because it believes and knows that they truly respect the labour and the skills of their rural counterparts. simplifies their lives to a great extent by creating a platform where the urban folks can buy the handloom sarees directly from the rural folks themselves. personally visits all these skilled hand loom weavers. then displays them on their portal so that urban folks reading such articles can buy great stuff at their convenience. The profits are redirected to the weavers directly which eliminates all the middlemen.

The ripple effect being that Vasant and Ritu and Sharad and Garima are able to buy a better loom or source better quality raw material or invest in better designs or colours to craft newer and trendier designs for all of us.

Rural folks befriended Prakriti and Bhoomi centuries ago. They continue to respect and worship the myriad facets of Nature because they would be totally lost without her blessings.

We urban folks too would be totally lost without the blessings of Mother Nature and Earth. We are just too caught up in our own busy bubble called life that we often forget the worth of Mother Nature.

Befriend Prakriti. Befriend Bhoomi. Buy hand loom sarees. Buy hand made goods. Buy hand crafted gifts. Touch base with Mother Earth. Feel the protective spirit of Mother Nature when you drape that lovely hand loom saree over your shoulders.

Take the route to buy all those natural wonders. Mother Nature and Mother Earth are sure to be all smiles when they see that bridge between urbanites and ruralites being cemented with so much love and respect.


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