Bald men to get free tickets to Odia film


The sponsors of Odia film ‘Bala’ in view of the standard shame looked by men going bald at a youthful age, have hit upon a clever thought for its promotion.

While two up and coming Bollywood motion pictures (Bala and Ujda Chaman) with close indistinguishable storylines on the cultural weight that accompanies going bald are scheduled to bolt horns in the cinematic world, the supporters of an Odia film, likewise titled Bala and having a comparative plot, have hit upon a clever thought for its advancement.

Bald men have been welcome to watch the film’s première at the Jayashree film hall in Cuttack on November 1 for free.

Produced by Tarang Cine Productions, Bala is based on the routine embarrassment faced by men balding at a young age.

“Bald men have been offered to see the première appear with stars and other leading artists of the film for free. The idea behind extending an invitation to bald men is to show them that their population is not small,” said Debidutta Mohanty, chief executive producer of Tarang Cine Production.

Mr. Mohanty said, “We have tried to deliver a serious social message through this upbeat film. The protagonist of the film is a bald man, who raises the issue of baldness in different fora, including before the court. He seeks special privileges for people with a bald head, which can negatively impact a man’s social, personal and work life.”

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