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5 points to consider while choosing a pathology lab

A regular health check-up is key to a healthy life. When you go to a doctor to consult him about any particular health issue, the first thing that your doctor recommends you is certain tests and screenings like a Blood test, urine test etc. and a ‘Pathology lab’, ‘clinical laboratory’ or a ‘diagnostic centre’ is the place where you go for these tests. These days there are several such Diagnostic Centres and Pathology Labs and each of them claims to be the best but as one’s health is more precious than anything else, here are 5 points to consider while choosing a pathology lab, so that you can choose the best one for yourself:

1. Distance from your house: 

 Most of the time, the diagnostic centres ask you to come early in the morning with an empty stomach for your clinical test. Thus, it is better than the clinical laboratory is situated close to your living place because if the lab is situated too far, it may be troublesome for you.

2. The certification: 

 It is always better if the pathology lab is a certified one (preferably a NABL certified one) because these labs can apply for these certifications only once they maintain the required equipment, staff and other such essential services. You can go to the website of such Diagnostic centres to check if they are certified or not.

3. Read the reviews: 

 Smart people always read reviews before buying anything whether it is goods or services. Thus you can also check the customer reviews of the lab you choose or inquire from some of your near and dear ones about the level of accuracy of any such lab because small mistakes made by these labs often result in severe complications.

4. Check if it is a licensed one: 

 The best way to choose a pathology lab is to choose the one which is a licensed one because there are many tests which can be conducted only at the places licensed by the government. In such cases, you can also ask your doctor to recommend one such place.

5. Cost and priorities: 

 Sometimes, you don’t want the results of your test to be disclosed to anyone else except yourself. In such cases, you should only choose a lab which can keep your reports confidential. Besides that, the cost should be affordable and pocket friendly.

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